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Fone B.I.Fone B.I. is a phone monitoring / phone spy application — whether you are looking for better parental control, control on your employees and business, or simply want to find out what your significant other has been hiding from you. Fone B.I. let’s you Know More so you worry No More. Install Fone B.I. on a smartphone and receive a detailed report on all calls, all text messages with highlighted offensive SMSs, web browsing history, number of applications installed and its usage statistics, log of all pictures and images, and log of all activity on the smartphone during after-hours.

Fone B.I. on YouTube Fone B.I. is also the fastest phone spy app! You could install the app, get a report, and uninstall the app in just 2-minutes. See a short video on YouTube.

For Your Teenager

Now that you have given your child a smartphone…

  • Are you worried that you will not have control over your child’s social activity?
  • Is your child spending too much time chatting, texting or playing games?
  • Do you fear that your child may make acquaintance with an online predator?
  • Do you fear that your child may fall into bad influence and become a victim of cyber bullying, or other cyber crimes?

Know More about your child’s smartphone activity and worry No More. Let Fone B.I., our smartphone monitoring application, help you keep your child safe and away from bad influence so you can focus on more important things in life, i.e., raising a happy, and a healthy child. With Fone B.I. on your side – know that your child is safe.

For Your Spouse / Significant Other

  • Do you feel that your spouse or your significant other is hiding something from you?
  • Does your loved one try to keep their cell phone away from you?
  • Suspect infidelity?

Know More about your significant others social life. Don’t stay in the dark; let our cell phone monitoring app help you get the facts straight because you deserve to know the truth.

For Your Employees

  • Do you suspect that your employees may be leaking sensitive business information to your competitors?
  • Do you fear employee poaching?
  • Would you like to know if your employees have been productive during office hours?

Know More details and stay one step ahead to keep control on your business. Let our smartphone monitoring app help you avoid misuse of company time, intellectual property, and keep top employees from being poached by your competitors. Make Fone B.I. part of your business so you can focus on more important things, i.e., future growth and maintaining competitive edge in the market.